GAde is set up as a collaborative design studio that provides platform for design and project collaboration work with other members of the design fraternity or community on a need basis. The principle activities and areas of focus include:

Community - engaging the community through public engagement in coorperative programs, amenity improvement, sustainable practices and with organisations in corporate social responsibility programs.

Spatial design - based on R&D, multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration with manufacturers, builders and specialists, and as testbeds or prototypes for new innovative solutions. ​

Place making - propagating by consultancy and participatory work the importance of placemaking in the built-environment, its culture and the evolution. ​

Product design - driven by design, branding and quality, including inventive building products, furniture, utensils, appliances, etc. ​

Art and installation - collaboration with artists, event's organisers, tradesmen and others, for design and installation in galleries, public art spaces, performance and event spaces.

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