IJM Land Reveals The ARC @ Bandar Rimbayu

December 3, 2013

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Future residents of Bandar Rimbayu and other members of the public can now appreciate The ARC - the township’s main centrepiece, up close, with the official launch of The ARC together with the Bandar Rimbayu show gallery on 3 December. The ARC is Bandar Rimbayu’s private park and forms the focal point of this 1,879 acres township which is close to Kota Kemuning.

“The eco-friendly and sustainable concepts of Bandar Rimbayu have created interest amongst potential homeowners, who are attracted to the idea of living in a green township that offers a holistic lifestyle experience from a healthy home life to social recreation and even easily accessible workplaces and business premises. Thus, today, we are proud to showcase these concepts in the form of The ARC and Show Gallery, allowing potential residents a feel of how their future lifestyle can be like,” said IJM Land Bhd Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Soam Heng Choon.

The ARC encompasses an elevated green roof deck, Bandar Rimbayu’s Show Gallery and offices and the future clubhouse. The elevated green roof deck is designed to accommodate the sunlight, heat, humidity and rain of Malaysia’s tropical climate. Shaped as a tall and wide covered walkway embracing the communal green open space in the centre, it boasts an innovative roof that keeps the space below cool using soil and plants as insulation. At the open side, each end is lowered to form a ramp - providing pedestrian access to the green roof deck that serves an upper level pedestrian network of garden paths. The roof deck also offers higher vantage points to enjoy views across the Bandar Rimbayu township.

In addition, the green roof deck filters collected rainwater into the recreational creek – which is then used for irrigation. The roof deck also aids in cooling the area via evaporation when the water is channeled through drips on each column that supports the roof deck. The cooling effect is heightened by the climbing plants on each column and when a breeze blows through the area.

The ARC sits on private land with multi-functional community space, ideal for social and recreational activities and sports events. A future clubhouse complex is being planned in addition to the existing multi-sport field, playground, surau and toilets. “There are also opportunities for community shop lots and kiosks to be built under The ARC and we welcome event organisers and entrepreneurs who require a space such as The ARC to get in touch with the Bandar Rimbayu sales team, particularly if they have a like-minded focus on eco-friendly and sustainable living,” said Dato’ Soam.

Meanwhile, the Bandar Rimbayu Show Gallery showcases creative and innovative ideas for using recycled materials to build daily objects. It boasts a reception table built with elements of crushed aluminium cans, chairs made from recycled paper tubes, light fittings made from recycled Tetra Pak boxes, and a collage of bottle caps depicting Bandar Rimbayu’s master plan and enhanced with designs of colourful dandelions. The Show Gallery also offers space for the display of community and student projects focusing on environmental awareness and education.

“We would also like the Show Gallery to facilitate community involvement, thus we welcome enquiries on using the available space here, particularly to showcase all things related to green living and innovation. To kick start the communal nature of The ARC as well as the Show Gallery, we will be hosting underprivileged children at The ARC for some outdoor fun and games such as kite flying, buggy rides, as well as pony rides, in addition to the Show Gallery’s first-ever event – an appreciation hi-tea for Phase 1 and 2 buyers to mingle and get to know their future neighbours,” added Dato’ Soam.

Members of the media and guests from the investors' community who attended the event were treated to a helicopter ride which allowed them to get a bird's-eye view of the entire development.

Phase 3

Bandar Rimbayu’s upcoming launch of its Phase 3, consisting of landed property units, is scheduled for early 2014. This phase comprises 464 units of linked semi-detached residences in 2 designs - spread over 51 acres of land. With an indicative selling price of RM850,000 and above, the units feature a generous land allocation of 32 ft x 70 ft, perfect for homeowners with a penchant for gardening, or for those with children that enjoy playing outdoors, or perhaps just for some open air fun such as a barbeque, picnic or camp out.

Phase 3’s landscaping will draw inspiration from Malaysia’s free-growing native flora, such as coconut trees, the saga tree, and even wild grasses such as the lalang.

Other Updates

IJM Land launched CHIMES (Phase 1) @ Bandar Rimbayu in March 2013, followed by Phase 2 (PERENNIA) in August 2013. All non-bumi units have been fully sold. Limited bumiputera units for both phases are still available.

In the next 2 years, IJM Land expects to announce further phases of Bandar Rimbayu, as mentioned Phase 3 Linked Semi D homes, Phase 4 - 110 units of 24-footer link homes, Phase 5 – about 230 units of landed strata linked homes (gated and guarded), service apartments and shop lots.

Bandar Rimbayu, a project with an estimated gross development value of RM11 billion, is targeted for full completion within 15 years.

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